Top 10 Reasons Why Camping Brings a Family Closer

camping-is-funTen Reasons Why a Camping Trip Can Bring Your Family Closer

in an age with so many ways for a family to stay connected – from tweets to Facebook to texting – spending time together may not seem as necessary as it once did.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Although families may be plugged in electronically, they are becoming disconnected emotionally.

Nothing can replace spending time together in making families stronger, creating better relationships and long-lasting memories.

One of the best ways to make sure your family gets the quality time together that it deserves is a family camping trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re tent camping trip or taking an RV trip.

Here are 10 reasons why a camping vacation can bring your family closer and with memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Quality time.
It’s tough to get much closer than sharing a tent or an RV cabin. That aside, enjoying family activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming and just enjoying nature are some of the many ways families can enjoy time together on a camping trip. It sure beats a hotel resort where mom’s shopping, dad’s hitting the golf course and the kids are being entertained by staff.

2. Memories.
Although most vacations provide memories, you would be hard-pressed to find a camping or TV trip that didn’t become part of family lore. The kids catching their first fish, dad falling in the creek or mom being chased around the camping site by local wildlife. Then there is the hike where you all enjoy a panoramic vista or the natural beauty of a waterfall.

3. Variety.
Whether you want to enjoy the beach, mountains, desert or plains, there is nothing that offers the variety of a family camping trip. It’s one thing to look at the window of an expensive hotel room and see the ocean, it’s quite another to wake up to the sound of the pounding surf yards from your campsite.

4. Flexible.
A traditional family vacation is nearly impossible to do on the fly and making changes are often costly and time consuming. A family camping trip or RV trip allows you the flexibility to change course, whether that means staying a day longer to explore an area you fell in love with or head in a different direction on the advice of fellow campers.

5. Health.
Face it, there’s no bus tour or maid service when it comes to camping. You fetch your own firewood, and set up and take down your own campsite. Of course, there’s the added benefit of being self-sufficient in the fresh air. Walking, swimming and hiking are just some of the healthy activities that will make you forget the treadmill at your gym back home.

6. Relaxing.
Reading a good book by the pool is nice, until some overly boisterous kids shower you with water performing a cannon ball. Reading a good book in the quiet next to a babbling creek is another. It will be tough to find a more relaxing, carefree atmosphere than enjoying the outdoors with your family.

7. Bonding.
Nothing brings people closer better than actually doing something together. Remember when your dad showed you how to tie knots or bait a hook? Or how you helped him set up the tent?

8. Appreciation of nature.
Living green is a popular slogan in the day-to-day world. But the reason why you recycle those bottles and contribute to wildlife habitat takes on a whole new meaning when you get to spend time enjoying all that you are trying to save.

9. Break from daily grind.
Ever realize how a traditional vacation of airplanes, hotels and tour buses doesn’t stray far from our daily lives, even if the scenery is a bit different? For those who live in or near the Big City, nothing offers a break from your daily routine like a family camping trip or RV trip.

10. Cost.
A family vacation doesn’t get any more cost effective than when taking a camping trip or RV trip. Camping site spaces are a bargain compared to hotel rooms and dinner under the stars goes down a lot better without the check.

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