5th-annual-halloween-bash5th Annual Halloween Bash

Saturday October 8, 2016

Pumpkin provided by camp store per child for decorating

Times in Eastern Standard Time

12:30pm Carry-In Banquet Hall

  • All Campers are welcome with or without food.  Acorn Oaks will provide BBQ Pulled Pork & Buns, lemonade, coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cups, Plates, Cutlery and napkins.


2:30pm Acorn Prize Game

  • $5.00 Packets – Prizes: Grill, Cooler, 4 – 50c, 4 – 25c


5:00pm in Banquet Hall

  • Camper decoration winners announced. $10.00 in-store credit to seasonal camper; $10.00 in-store credit to a weekend camper.
  • Costume Judging – 2 Groups – Older / Younger – $5.00 in-store credit to the winners
  • Pumpkin viewing – $3.00 in-store credit to all participants


6:00pm Camper Treating

Children will only go to the campers with a Marker provided by the campground store.  Pickup Markers early.

Dark Wagon Ride – Everyone can go once.


Help us make this a fun and safe weekend as we wind down this year’s camping season.

Thank You, Nancy

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